Laura Dick

Original Oil Paintings




6x6 Mini's

Laura Dick was born in 1971 in Toronto, Canada. After studying and graduating from OCAD University (Graphic Design, 1990-1994) she worked for several years in package design. After having a family she took up painting and have been showing in various shows, restaurants and galleries over the past 12 years. She is currently a member of Project:Art Toronto Studio in downtown Toronto where she attends classes and paints among a creative community and shares ideas.

Artist Statement

Beauty can be found everywhere and my paintings are the expression of what my eyes and heart see. Landscapes near and far inspire and excite me. The natural world gives me subjects full of form, contrast and colour. The privilege of travel has allowed me to see the beauty of urban landscapes. Light, form and symmetry attract me to buildings, doors and store fronts. My style is painterly realism, a mixture of soft, blended brushstrokes and carefully placed tightened edges.

My goal is to share with others the beauty and wonder of my life's moments and have a glimpse of the joy I feel.